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Avoid Rocks on Road to Keep Your Windshield from Cracking

Every driver has heard about or may have even encountered a situation where a pebble from the road is lifted by traffic, strikes the windshield and causes a crack. Actually, when we see cars in traffic with the windshield cracked, this immediately makes us think about a pebble incident, because this is the most frequent cause of windshield damage. Luckily, minor cracks can be repaired quickly and efficiently at a specialized service. Extensive damage however may require windshield replacement.

One of the main reasons why your car fails the technical inspection is the presence of a simple crack in the windshield. You might think this a bit of an exaggeration, but it is not. But why so strict about the windshield cracks? Because a crack continues to expand and, if you are not careful, it can lead to complete breaking of the glass surface. Besides, a cracked windshield no longer has structural integrity and, if you travel at high speed, when the air presses strongly on the glass, you risk breaking it completely and getting glass chips in your face that may hurt you or involve you in an accident. So, although at first glance it may seem like nothing at all, a small crack in your windshield can have serious effects.

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But going back to the initial problem of rocks on the road striking the windshield…  Such an incident may happen when another vehicle is moving in front of us or is coming from the other direction of the road. Most of the time, you will only hear the noise, while the windshield remains intact. But not everyone is as lucky, and a rock on the road can cause damage that may even require changing the windshield.

Drivers are advised to pay attention to road signs, and on road sections marked as dangerous from this point of view, to reduce speed and to maintain a greater distance between vehicles. You cannot really hold anyone accountable when such an incident happens, because there is no way to avoid pebbles on the road. All you can do is drive in ways to prevent damage.

When your windshield it hit by a pebble and you notice a crack, the most important thing is to contact Byers windshield replacement near me for repair service. It is not advisable to drive the car to a service, especially if the crack is large, because a damaged windshield is not stable and may fail at any time, putting your personal safety in danger.

As long as the damage is minor, repairs are possible and not very complicated. Chips must not exceed the diameter of a quarter, and cracks should be no longer than three inches. The repair price will depend on the dimension and severity of the damage. The work will take about an hour and, in the end, you should receive a guarantee.

Once cracked, a windshield is vulnerable, gives off very easily, and other cracks will continue to appear, because the car is exposed to vibrations as well as to sudden changes in temperature that will increase your problem if you do not address it promptly.