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4 Ways Microsoft Power BI Services Help Your Small Business

Microsoft Power Bi Services

While many small businesses consider conventional office software, such as spreadsheet programs, suitable for keeping track of key performance indicators, cash flow figures, banking account balances and other, similarly important figures, Microsoft has launched Power BI, a tool and a range of services that can perform even more than Excel and is also more versatile, more suitable for the analytics based on business intelligence. Considered to be a great option for medium-sized and large companies, Microsoft Power BI is an excellent option for small businesses as well – here is how your small enterprise can also benefit from the great features offered by Power BI.

Power BI Has at Least One Component for Any Role

Power BI consists of 10 components – ten modules that work intuitively and produce spectacular results. The components include a pricing tool, mobile apps, a range of questions and answers to clarify the most common issues, a desktop component and an online one as well as Bower BI Pivot and others. The bundle offers everything that your offices can possibly need to be able to provide a clear and accurate picture of where your business is standing in figures and it also offers the option to share reports and data in a safe and efficient way. The service is compatible with mobile devices as well, giving decision makers access to the latest data even when they are on the go.

A Short Learning Curve

Power BI is complex and versatile, but easy to master – if you are a long-time, experienced user of other complex office applications, you will find Power BI a breeze to use. The interface is very attractive, too, with interactive and friendly features throughout, making sure that nobody in your organization will have to spend long learning how to use the app and away from their other important tasks.

Convenient Pricing and Scalability

No small business likes to spend money on something that they have not tried beforehand and Microsoft is aware of the importance of proving the value of their product first, that is why they make Microsoft Power Bi Services available in a free trial version. If you decide that you need the service, you can choose from several plans, including pans calculated per user and one calculated per capacity.

The Power BI service that you subscribe for is scalable as well, allowing you to upgrade and to downgrade as you need with just a few clicks.

Consultation Available

Power BI is easy to learn, but still very complex, allowing your business to select the modules to be implemented and to put together exactly the configuration that you need. If you think that you might need some help with that, Power BI consultants can provide the assistance that you need for success. Your consultant will help you make the best decision based on the profile of your organization as well as based on the direction of the growth you are expecting, thus helping you stay on top of your company’s business intelligence at all time.