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How Does Playing the Drums Make You Happier?

Recent research has found that people studying a musical instrument benefit from excellent brain workout and this activity is also a recommended as a therapeutic method for developing cognitive abilities. Playing the drums is known for its beneficial influence in harmonious overall development, thinking ability, memorization, self-confidence, creativity, and, last but not least, it also has social benefits (developing new relationships with other musicians, being a part of a band etc.)

But how does playing the drums make you happier?

First of all, music creates a specific type of pleasure without which human nature cannot exist. Playing the drums helps you in different ways and some of them definitely contribute to the level of happiness you feel.

Getting rid of stress makes you happier

We all have days in which we are stressed and we just want to pause from everything that is happening. Have you ever noticed how much music can help you relax? Imagine how much that sense of relaxation can amplify when you are the player. Music is a little joy in life that helps us feel better and thus happier. Michael Jolkovski, a psychologist who has studied the effects of music on the brain, believes that music helps reduce stress and is also a social catalyst. He believes that music meets the need to disconnect from everyday worries and does so in a much more constructive way than alcohol, excessive eating, television or internet browsing for no particular reason.

Playing the drums helps you defeat your fears and anxiety

During our lifetime, we experience numerous challenges and some of them may be very hard to overcome. Often, the cause of failure is just the fear that you cannot control. The experience gained by studying drums, as well as going to the next level and playing drums as a pro, on stage, also teaches you how to control your anxiety.

 It makes you feel fulfilled

Studying a musical instrument and making progresses bring a wonderful feeling of fulfillment. The process of learning to play drums is not easy, because we are talking about a complex instrument; you will likely experience a lot of frustration before feeling happy, but the satisfaction you get is definitely unique.

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Playing a musical instrument is fun

Once you progress and become better and better at playing drums, everything will be more fun. You will experience the joy of playing in various contexts, share your passion for this instrument with other like-minded people and be appreciated for what you do. Playing an instrument can open up many opportunities for you that may change your life.

In conclusion, playing the drums offers a unique happiness; it is fun, motivating and satisfying. The music you play makes you happy, creates new opportunities, and you may even end up making yourself a name in the music industry. In this case, happiness will be amplified by the public’s reaction, which is a powerful engine that will motivate you and propel you further. Find affordable drum kits for sale online or at your local music store.