Cleaning Upholstery with the Most Popular and Advanced Cleaning Methods Available Today

Upholstery cleaning has advanced a great deal in the past few years, to the point that professional services dealing with cleaning upholstery are able to do a better job, clean faster, and finish cleaning a lot more items in a shorter amount of time.

As a homeowner interested in the best upholstery cleaning methods and not wanting to call the cleaning technicians every time you spill something on your upholstered furniture, knowing the best practices recommended by experts is essential if you don’t want to constantly buy new furniture items.


The Main Methods of Cleaning Upholstered Furniture


The most commonly used upholstery cleaning methods today are hot water extraction, shampooing and encapsulation. Each of these methods has its unique pros and cons, and while some can be used without much difficulty for DIY cleaning, that isn’t always possible.


Hot water extraction is among the most popular methods of cleaning upholstery quite thoroughly. It uses a steam or water extraction carpet cleaner to clean the upholstery in your car or on your home furniture without the use of messy chemicals and cleaning agents.


Removing foul odors and troublesome stains can be more difficult, and it would require a deeper cleaning process. Shampooing is perfect for the job, using a general spray-on carpet shampoo and a stiff bristle brush on the upholstery after having cleared all the debris and thoroughly vacuumed all surfaces.


Finally, encapsulation is one of the most advanced methods of cleaning carpets and upholstery. It uses special polymer-based formulas that attach to dirt particles. After some time they harden, so they can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner.


Of course, there are other methods that can be used as well. However, these are the most popular and recommended upholstery cleaning techniques that contractors employ on a regular basis. Each of them can be used in many different ways, however, and only the best cleaning experts know how to make sure they are 100% effective in removing unwanted debris and dirt particles.


Essential Tips for Better Cleaning Practices


As with any cleaning practice, removing stains and dirt from your upholstery can be a delicate process – even more so than with most types of carpets, mats or rugs. The chief thing to avoid is over-wetting.


Too much water used when cleaning upholstery can lead to leaking, shrinkage and the development of foul odors. As a result, it is essential to avoid using too much water and employing cleaning methods that fall into the low moisture category.


With hot water extraction you can usually get a deeper clean while keeping all moisture at the surface and preventing it from going too deep. This is essential when it comes to keeping your upholstery from being damaged by too much moisture.


Also, it is essential to properly prepare the upholstery for cleaning by removing as much of the larger debris as possible – such as food particles and hair – then vacuuming it. This process will allow the cleaning ability of any cleaning agent you use to be maximized.


Finally, it’s a good idea to find out more about the fabric itself and always check the label of any chemical-based cleaning formulas to make sure they will not have a destructive effect on your upholstery. Such forethought will help you keep your upholstery both clean and durable for a much longer time.