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Advice from a Denver Sign Company: 7 Tips for Effective Outdoor Building Signs

Denver sign company

Are you looking for high quality signs? The best Denver sign company is one that can help you get the most out of your investment and attract a lot of new customers to your business in the process. Following are a few tips that are essential to follow if you want the most effective outdoor building signs to help your business grow and thrive.

  1. Keep Things Simple

To start off, simplicity is often the best choice when it comes to Denver signs. Practical people want to see practical signs, and you won’t get too far if you opt for something too flashy. Also, simplicity costs a lot less, so you’re likely to get a more robust sign with better features without having to spend too much money.

  1. Use High Contrast Signs

Contrast is very important for visibility. If you want your sign to be noticed, don’t choose combinations like light blue on beige or pink on fuchsia. The latter will make it hard to read the text, while the former will be hard to see at all. Instead, consider some high contrast combinations like very dark on very light colors and vice versa. Also, make sure to refresh your memory on color theory, so you can use appropriate complementary colors for your fonts and graphics to promote better readability.

  1. Avoid Paying Too Much

Custom signs might be valuable, but you shouldn’t pay a fortune on them. The best Denver sign company will be able to provide you with some excellent deals whether you choose a basic outdoor sign or an elaborate LED lighted sign featuring dimensional letters or digital screens.

  1. Establish a Good Location for Visibility

Visibility depends not only on clear colors and high contrast, but also on the placement of the sign. Depending on where your doors and windows are placed, you might have a variety of locations to choose from. A couple of rules to consider are: don’t place the sign too high or too low, and try to choose a central location where most people will have difficulty avoiding it.

  1. Promote a More Personal Message

It is essential to use personal words like “you” and “yours” in order to paint a picture of comfort and personal use for your customers. If they picture themselves using your products then they are more likely to buy them. A well-designed outdoor business sign is perfect for facilitating this vision and ultimately getting a lot of people to enter your store and buy stuff.

  1. Use Lighted Signs

Lighted signs are the best for promoting your business both night and day. During the day, people will see the contrasting shades and colors associated with your sign’s graphics, but during the night they need some equally colorful lights to compete with Denver’s hyped up business signs that will act as competitors to yours.

  1. Adjust Your Font to the Desired Viewing Angle and Distance

This is a slightly more complicated one, since you have to consider the exact position from where onlookers are likely to see your sign. If from that distance and angle, they can’t get a clear view, then you have to scrap the project and start over. The goal is to ensure ideal visibility even from far away, so that people passing by will have a little time to process what your sign is saying and decide to enter your shop.