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Characteristics of a Great Home Builder

When you decide to build your house, hiring a contractor that promises the lowest price can be a huge mistake. Some builders have a strategy of offering low start prices, only to overtaxing you later, in various ways, whenever they have the opportunity. Make sure that the contract you have signed includes a fixed price, there is no risk to pay for hidden costs, and the builder is obligated to complete the works on time.

Choosing a builder, in the hope that it will create your dream home, can be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make, but if you give yourself enough time to get informed and do some prospective work, you have very good chances to find a true professional.

Ask for portfolios from each builder you are contacting and visit some of the homes they raised. You should check if the contractor has experience with the type of construction you want. Good builders are proud to present their projects. Ask for references, contact two or three of them and talk on the phone or in person about the quality of the works, the professional behavior of the builder and the service provided once the construction was completed. You should be interested whether the builder completed the project on time and stacked to the initial budget. If you receive a positive feedback from previous customers, you can hire the builder without hesitation.

Make sure the builder takes over the responsibility completely, including the design and the project. There is a huge advantage called “single source responsibility” in working with such a builder, if you really want to get a perfect home. “The single source responsibility” means to combine the design with the responsibility of building the house, so from the original concept until its completion. This way, there are fewer communication channels and fewer misunderstandings between the two parties. The biggest advantage for you is that you will never be a mediator between the designer and the builder.

Erie homes for sale

Mortgage specialists representing Erie homes for sale encourage you to schedule a personal interview with the builder. Write down the questions you plan to ask, to ensure that you will not forget about anything important. Observe how the builder responds to your questions and how well you can communicate with them. Also write down or record the answers you get. Take advantage of the direct meeting to also request copies of the license and certifications – and do not forget to talk about insurance!

Choosing the wrong builder can turn your dream home into a nightmare. Do not leave your money and your security in the hands of an unreliable builder, who:

  • overcharges you
  • ignores deadlines
  • is often a rude person
  • it may force you to hire another contractor in the middle of the project
  • takes the money you paid in advance and disappears

A comfortable home must be cool in summer and warm in winter. If you choose the right home builder, you will not have to worry about spending a lot of money on utilities, in order to maintain that comfort. A professional knows exactly what technologies and materials should be used to create a passive house.