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Five Ways to Use LED Canopy Lights

led canopy lights

LED canopy lighting is limited to the ceiling as an overhang to provide light to areas or vehicles or pedestrians. Canopy lights are mostly used in industrial locations such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities or back alleys, but they also light up backyards, garages, storages, closets and workshops. They are useful for garages to scare away intruders and they are used in alleys during summer nights when outdoor recreation is at its peak. For storages, warehouses and closets, they are often employed due to the fact that they mimic sunlight. Benefits of using LED canopy lights include:

  • The requirement of very little maintenance
  • High-quality light
  • Energy-saving
  • Eco-friendly features
  • Great performance in cold environments and under harsh conditions
  • Superiority to traditional types of lighting such as halogen and fluorescent
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Long lifespan
  • High intensity and brightness
  • No heat build-up
  • Reliability and durable performance
  • Illumination towards one direction
  • Focus easily kept in check by means of smart devices

It is easy to switch from traditional means of lighting to LEDs. All that is required is figuring out the base and type of bulb that the fixture uses. It is also important to decide how much brightness is needed and to choose the color temperature to one’s liking. Upgrade can be made to dimmable light switches and smart features of LEDs. For instance, the new technology of Li-Fi uses a wireless visible light communication system as opposed to radio waves used for Wi-Fi. As far as Li-Fi goes, the first step is that of the LED bulb receiving data and the second one is that of a USB drive connected to a device (such as a computer) converting the data into an electrical signal uploaded into a data stream. The superiority of LI-Fi is proven by the fact that it offers more security, more efficiency and more speed than Wi-Fi.

Some other uses of smart led canopy lights are the following:

  • Motion-sensitive technology
  • Voice control
  • Remote control
  • Built-in speakers
  • Shift in colors
  • Preset modes
  • Synchronization with smart devices
  • Dimming according to sleep patterns
  • Capturing and projection of images that can be added to home cameras and connected to smartphones as well as home security systems

Other features that have to be figured out (when switching to led canopy lights) are beam angle and bulb shape. The former can be either directional or omnidirectional, whereas the latter includes numerous options. The shapes of the bulb can be:

  • Standard
  • Candle-like
  • Capsule-like
  • Tubular
  • Globe-shaped
  • Pear-like
  • A reflector type
  • A golf ball type

There are many other decisions to be made when employing LED canopy lighting. The most important one has to do with lighting types and it entails three choices: ambient (general lighting), accent (directional illumination), task (light focused on one object only).

To sum up, LED canopy lighting is employed in industrial locations, backyards, garages, closets and workshops due to its numerous benefits including LI-Fi and other smart features. The process of switching from traditional methods of illumination to LED lighting is easy and only involves choices regarding its five main uses: intensity of brightness, color temperature, bulb shape, beam-angle and lighting type.