Types of Denver Jewelers and Inventories – a Short Guide to Picking the Seller of Your Jewels


Denver jewelers have been long known as the best in the industry – they not only offer spectacular jewels in all styles and in a very wide price range, but they are also well-known for always going the extra mile to find the perfect piece for their client. Like the jewelers in any big city, each of the jewelers that you can find in Denver occupies a different niche and provides different services and items, so here is what you can expect of them.

Plain Jewelry Shops

These shops offer a wide, but moderately priced selection of jewels. They usually carry a large inventory of high quality and affordable rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other pieces, but they don’t create their own pieces, they just sell items. Some of them provides minor repair services, but many focus exclusively on selling.

Main Street Stores

Many of these stores are family-owned and proud of their long tradition, but there are also newcomers in that business segment. Main street jewelry shops are usually elegant shops that sell pieces made by others as well as pieces that they have created and they usually carry unique pieces as well. You can turn to these shops for more complex repairs and some of them also provide restoration services as well.

Boutique-Style Shops

These shops are usually small and most of them focus on special, unique pieces. Many of them take much pride in selling special lines of jewelry – collections of stylistically related or matching pieces created by well-known artists. Some of these shops act as the unique representative of a famous local or nationally known jewelry creator, so if there is an artist that you prefer, you should research boutique stores for the pieces created by that artist.

Chain Stores

This type of shops is usually located in malls and they sell high-quality, affordable pieces, but most probably you will not find any unique pieces in their inventory. Most of them focus only on selling jewels – if you turn to them for repairs, they will probably send your piece to a jewelry repair shop located somewhere else, which means that you will have to wait for a few days before you get your repaired piece back.

Estate, Vintage and Antique Dealers

The term “estate” in the context of jewelry is used for previously owned jewelry, “vintage” is the term for pieces that are several decades old, while “antique” is used for jewels that are at least 100 years old. The inventories carried by these jewelers are very wide and include pieces in any of the three categories, very special, unique pieces and ordinary items, high-end pieces as well as affordable ones.

To be able to find the perfect jewel for yourself or for someone dear to you, limit your search to the shops that specialize in the type of jewels that you are looking for – most jewelers nowadays run their own websites, so do a quick research online and try to find out about the shops that are likely to provide the type of jewels that you want, you can save a lot of time and energy that way.