The Importance of Off-Leash Dog Training

Dogs are, by nature, animals that like to learn, but not all the owners know where to start when it comes to training. Usually, the process is not a complicated one, that is, if you respect some basic rules are in the process. If you feel that you do not have the time to train your quadruped friend, seek advice from a professional dog trainer.

Usually, when they have all the necessary conditions, dogs learn new skills easily. Even if owners resort to a training specialist, they must bear in mind that the training does not end once the sessions are over, but must be continued at home. In order to successfully train a dog, the commands must be repeated regularly and, of course, with a lot of patience.

Training based solely on a leash has been the method most often used by trainers since ancient times. In general, this accessory is used when the training process begins, to teach the dog to respond consistently to commands; then, you can progressively consider off-leash training.

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There are two ways to use the leash for training: to teach your pet commands such as “Come” or “Sit”, or to stop their bad habits such as digging, jumping, etc.  But remember that just because a dog understands a command does not mean that it automatically understands a correction that comes with leash training. A dog that is dependent of the use of the leash, will live with the impression that, at the moment when the leash is removed, they will be allowed not to obey the commands. 

Off leash dog training Colorado – is it possible to make your dog listen to you?

According to a off leash dog training Colorado professional, once the dog begins to respond consistently to commands during training performed with the leash, you can start the off-leash dog training process. However, do it progressively, because removing the leash too early can generate future problems.

NOTE: Off leash dog training should only be conducted when the environment and temperament of the dog allow it. Plus, you must comply with the laws and regulations applicable in your region regarding the use of leashes for dogs!

As your dog becomes better trained, in most training situations, the commands you give will no longer require stimulation, because the dog has learned them and does them automatically. User the leash again if you notice that some commands need to be strengthen again. 

A nice experience

Keep in mind that training should be a pleasant experience for both you and your dog and must not involve any negative elements. In no case should you hit the dog or use the leash aggressively, because the animal will only get scared, but understand nothing from your behavior. Every training session should be positive and optimistic.

How quickly the dog will learn commands without a leash depends on the complexity of your commands but also on the dog’s motivation to respond to them. Use varied commands during an individual training session and maintain short-term and frequent sessions. The dog will have more to learn from short training sessions than from long and less frequent ones.