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Advice from a Denver Sign Company: 7 Tips for Effective Outdoor Building Signs

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Are you looking for high quality signs? The best Denver sign company is one that can help you get the most out of your investment and attract a lot of new customers to your business in the process. Following are a few tips that are essential to follow if you want the most effective outdoor building signs to help your business grow and thrive.

  1. Keep Things Simple

To start off, simplicity is often the best choice when it comes to Denver signs. Practical people want to see practical signs, and you won’t get too far if you opt for something too flashy. Also, simplicity costs a lot less, so you’re likely to get a more robust sign with better features without having to spend too much money.

  1. Use High Contrast Signs

Contrast is very important for visibility. If you want your sign to be noticed, don’t choose combinations like light blue on beige or pink on fuchsia. The latter will make it hard to read the text, while the former will be hard to see at all. Instead, consider some high contrast combinations like very dark on very light colors and vice versa. Also, make sure to refresh your memory on color theory, so you can use appropriate complementary colors for your fonts and graphics to promote better readability.

  1. Avoid Paying Too Much

Custom signs might be valuable, but you shouldn’t pay a fortune on them. The best Denver sign company will be able to provide you with some excellent deals whether you choose a basic outdoor sign or an elaborate LED lighted sign featuring dimensional letters or digital screens.

  1. Establish a Good Location for Visibility

Visibility depends not only on clear colors and high contrast, but also on the placement of the sign. Depending on where your doors and windows are placed, you might have a variety of locations to choose from. A couple of rules to consider are: don’t place the sign too high or too low, and try to choose a central location where most people will have difficulty avoiding it.

  1. Promote a More Personal Message

It is essential to use personal words like “you” and “yours” in order to paint a picture of comfort and personal use for your customers. If they picture themselves using your products then they are more likely to buy them. A well-designed outdoor business sign is perfect for facilitating this vision and ultimately getting a lot of people to enter your store and buy stuff.

  1. Use Lighted Signs

Lighted signs are the best for promoting your business both night and day. During the day, people will see the contrasting shades and colors associated with your sign’s graphics, but during the night they need some equally colorful lights to compete with Denver’s hyped up business signs that will act as competitors to yours.

  1. Adjust Your Font to the Desired Viewing Angle and Distance

This is a slightly more complicated one, since you have to consider the exact position from where onlookers are likely to see your sign. If from that distance and angle, they can’t get a clear view, then you have to scrap the project and start over. The goal is to ensure ideal visibility even from far away, so that people passing by will have a little time to process what your sign is saying and decide to enter your shop.

The Beauty of Channel Letter Signs

channel letter sign company Denver CO

Channel letters are among the most attractive types of signage – the custom-made letters manufactured from metal or plastic can be used outdoors, on the exterior of commercial buildings as well as indoors, to highlight specific areas and to provide information to customers. The beauty of using channel letters lies not only in their aesthetic appeal – they can efficiently fulfill all the roles of signage, including informative, establishing and consolidating brand image. Here are some further benefits of using the solution.


The materials used for the channel of this type of lettering include plastic or metal, usually aluminum because it is rust proof. Whatever material solution is chosen, your channel letters will do your business long-lasting service and will be able to withstand almost any weather, from heat and cold to rain, snow and wind.

Low Maintenance

The materials used for making channel letter signs are all resistant to the elements as well as to impact, they maintain the texture of their surface as well as their color without requiring any special maintenance. Your channel lettering will need some cleaning, ideally done regularly and if you use illuminated signage, your LED lights or neon will need to be replaced eventually, but the types of lights used for channel letters is very long-lived, so you can rely on your lights for thousands of hours of operation.

Energy Efficiency

You can use channel letters without illumination, but for more impact, you can also choose channel letters that are lit with energy-efficient lighting, such as LED lights. The light sources can be installed either to the front of the letters or to the back, behind the letters so that the light that they emit hits the back of the letters and create a halo effect. The LEDs used with channel letters are very efficient and they emit a very bright light, suitable for making your lettering visible even during the day and even when the sun’s rays hit the letters directly. LEDs are also very economical, their low energy needs make sure that your illuminated channel letters will be cheap to operate and friendly on the natural environment as well.

Aesthetic Appeal

According to a sign company Denver CO professional, channel letters are suitable for executing any design; any shape and any color can be used, even textures and special illumination solutions are available. Being custom-made, to the client’s exact specifications, channel letters can feature corporate logos as well as text in a unique, attractive way that grabs attention like no other signage solution. The three-dimensional nature of these signs add even aesthetic appeal and it also multiplies the design solutions that you can use with your channel letter signage, such the combination of various styles for an eclectic and distinctive appearance.

An Efficient, High-Visibility Advertising Tool

Whether you have a small, local shop or you run a franchise business, your channel letter signage will promote your business in a very efficient way. The letters are great for impressing your customers with your professionalism, to inspire trust and to create a lasting memory.


New Ideas for Promotional Signs

Promotional signs are important and very efficient components of any marketing campaign, one of the strongest tools to build brand awareness through visual representation. However, your signage can work for you only if the design takes into consideration the specific features of visual advertising – according to the statistics, people only spend around 3 seconds looking at advertising signage, so that is the timeframe available for your signage to attract attention and to convey your message. If you are currently working on new signage design to launch an important new promotion, here are some creative ideas for you.

Combine Sign Types, but Maintain Consistent Design

Staying consistent in your usage of design components is essential for the success of your promotion. You can use an A-frame sign at the door of your shop or of the store that sells your products, then use hanging signs to consolidate the information conveyed at the door and then stickers with the same design, but of varying sizes at the shelves. The method will allow you to attract your customer’s attention for 3 seconds with each of your signs.

Use Mats and Floor Signs

Some experts argue that whatever is on the floor loses advertising value, but others consider floor signs to be among the most efficient advertising tools. As people are more used to looking downwards than upwards, even though most signs invite them to look up, floor signs are, as a matter of fact, very efficient tools that can lead your potential customers to your shop door or to the store shelf where they are displayed.

mesh banner

The Benefits of Banners

In the past, banners were made from sensitive materials and their frames were not very sturdy either. Fortunately, modern manufacturing technologies use materials that eliminate the fragility and the instability factor and create banners that stay in place even in strong winds and that are not affected by rain, snow, heat, frost and harsh sunshine. A modern mesh banner will not get damaged or fade, allowing you to use them efficiently for long-term promotions as well.

Backlit Signs – A Complex and Very Efficient Solution

Backlit signs might be a little more expensive than the signs that don’t use electricity, but they are attractive in a modern and elegant way and will help a lot with your branding efforts. These special, illuminated signs can be used for guiding customers towards your business as well as on your product stands.

Choose Your Colors Right

All the above sign types will probably include not only information conveyed through letters and numbers, but will also display your logo and your corporate colors. Even if your brand design uses pastel colors, make sure to use bright and eye-catching shades of your colors and choose the saturation depending the size and type of your sign. Make sure that contrast between the background colors and the colors used for the lettering do not hinder readability and test your solution on a prototype sign to have the chance to correct design mistakes in time.