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Do Dog Diapers Make Sense?

Diapers…for dogs? Yes, you read correctly. Many owners choose diapers for puppies or for older dogs with various health problems. They can save you a lot of scrubbing down floors and carpets and prevent your house from smelling of dog pee.

What You Need to Know about the Toilet Habits of Dogs

Dogs cannot be litter trained, like cats, when nature calls, they need to go outside, sniff around and find a good spot to do their business. It is in the nature of a dog to raise a leg next to a tree and it will not change no matter how many behavioral classes you take them to.

As a dog owner, you need to make time in your schedule to take your dogs out at least twice per day to relieve themselves. Once they are grown up, they learn how to let you know that they need to go out. However, small puppies, just like babies, will simply let themselves go wherever they may be.

Understand Why Your Dog Pees Inside the House

When we are talking about adult dogs, accidents inside the house are due to various reasons, and they all need investigating. For instance, you may have woken up too late and the dog just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Also, since dogs have a sense of smell that is 40 stronger than that of humans, even the faintest smell of old pee, improperly cleaned, will lead them to believe that they can use that spot again.

Finally, older dogs may get incontinent, or suffer from other ailments, such as arthritis, which prevents them to walk properly and go out for their toilet. At any rate, if you note several instances when dogs pee or defecate inside the house, take them to the vet and find out what is wrong with them.

Until you find a solution to the health issue, you should put diapers on your dog.

Dog Diapers Make Sense for Females in Heat

Another reason to use diapers is when your female dog is in heat. During those days, the dog will leave blood trails around the house and spend a lot of time licking itself. A diaper will solve this problem in a convenient manner.

However, please note that dog diapers are not an efficient solution if you want to prevent your female dog from getting pregnant. A few moments left unsupervised around a male and…you may as well prepare for the coming litter of puppies.

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How Do You Use Diapers for Dogs?

Dog diapers have became more and more popular, and companies invested a lot in R&D to design products that fit various breeds of dogs comfortably and are easy to put on and take off.

They are available in a full range of sizes, from X-Small to X-Large to fit any breed of dog, from Chihuahua to Rottweiler. As for types of dog diapers, you can choose between the disposable and reusable (washable) versions.

A Few Precautions to Keep in Mind

Dogs have sensitive skin, just like babies. Thus, they may develop diaper rash. Please make sure that the dog diaper fits well, but is comfortable (not too tight) around the hind legs. At the same time, you should use baby wipes and baby oil to clean the dog when removing a wet diaper.

Last but not least, it takes a little time to learn how to put on dog diapers correctly, but don’t give up. Both you and your dog will be better off once you start using them.